Malvern College HK

Starting in September 2018 we provided chess chess instruction to Malvern College Hong Kong in its first year of operation in Hong Kong.

We are very glad to be partner of Malvern College HK for chess instruction because this school is very clear and serious about bringing chess to its students (see this SCMP article: Chess will be a co-curricular activity at Malvern College Hong Kong) and let them reap the various cognitive benefits associated with chess.

We will be teaching chess as after school activity​, 3.00-4.00pm (During Covid closure, we will do online classes 4.00-5.00pm)

Our training focuses on bringing children, whom mostly haven't played chess in any tournament format before, comfortably to play in individual and team tournaments. All our students can join our once per month "End of Month" tournament which is a controlled competition in which players of equal strength play for medals and trophies and learn how to play with a chess clock and time their thinking. 

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Registration is to be done on this site directly after which we will share the registrations with Mr. Hall.

Classes will start in online format, 4-5pm, and as soon as the school decides the sessions will turn into classroom sessions with the usual CCA timing.

In the Term3 classes will be conducted on Thursday only. Several groups will be created balancing the level and age of the registered students.

  • Thursday all ages: Apr 22nd, Apr 29th, May 6th, May 13th, May 20th, May 27th, Jun 3rd, Jun 10th, Jun 17th  (9 Sessions $2,250 - Open to players with at least a basic knowledge of the rules)



Upon registration we will provide you with the details of the Caissa online format for which we use Zoom (instruction) and Lichess (playing games and training).