Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club focusses on child-friendly chess instruction. The club uses the Dutch Step Method to develop players from complete beginners to advanced tournament players.


The club has produced National Youth Champions and several of our members and students have represented Hong Kong at the highest level like youth world championships.


By enrolling into any of our training courses students can participate in our-students-only last week of the month competition and put to pratice against their peers all the learnings - and perhaps win a prize!


After new concepts are introduced to the students, doing puzzles, discussing solutions (avoid right answers for wrong reasons!) and interaction among students playing out positions are crucial to acnhor newly acquired knowledge. 
Above: guest students from Fu Hao chess club Jianxi, China, stayed a weekend longer after playing in Caissa's tournament for lessons - and all graduated!
To internalize what was learned it is important to play games, often and against equal or better opponents. We organize internal competitions, open tournaments and matches against teams from abroad to practice playing.
Above: Hong Kong vs. Guangzhou East Lake 2014 U8 team
Analysis of played games is crucial as this is the moment that the coach can refer to what was learned in the Step books, e.g., "That was a good move, but remember the queen double attack ... can you see that here?"
Above: coach IM Matthew Tan analyzing U7 World School Champion Bao Jin Wen's game at the Dutch Open 2015