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Caissa was established in March 2012, teaching just a handful of children in Discovery Bay.


Visit our gallery with a selection of photos down memory lane.



  • Autumn 2023 Events: September-December we offer over 10 events. Open tournaments and closed ones (End of Month for only our students). Rapid, blitz, standard and team. Join us for one or more events: registration open.

  • Autumn Break 5 and days/week Camps 16-20 October and 24-27 October. Register now.

TYPHOON & BLACK RAIN ARRANGEMENTS: we close 2 hours before T8/Black Rain is hoisted and reopen 2 hours after these signals are lowered. If the lowering happens, e.g., 4.20pm, the next class that will be on is 7pm. See here the page with our cancellation policy too.


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