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10th Osaka Kashiwara Wine Cup FIDE Rapid

On Saturday 6 July a delegation of 7 players from Hong Kong and Shenzhen played in an intimate authentic Japanese setting a 5 round rapid event. From Shenzhen we had three players from our sister club, Yifen, joining: Xiaoming, Maoyin and Zhiyan. From Hong Kong we had Matthew Paolo, Miguel, Mei Jing and David playing.

Very special location for a chess tournamnent!

The event was the first FIDE rated event organised by the Kashiwarwa chess club; and it was well organised with a good arbiter team. In an amicable environment there were no chess incidents, and it is clear to us that there is true potential for attractive , more large-scale events in the future.

Although without exception all 7 players from Hong Kong / Shenzhen were rusty, not having played tournament in years, the score was descent. Best ranked was Miguel with 3.5 points ending on 4th place and David, who drew against the number 1 in the last round and therefore missed the champion title, ended also with 3.5 points but on 5th place. Matthew and Zhiyan scored 3 points. Both had missed some opportunities for a higher score. Mei Jing with 2 points ended 12th, followed but Maoyin on 13th place with 2 points and Xiaoming on 19th place with 1 point.

Congrats to the Champion Yoshiaka Yomoto with 4.5 points and to numbers 2 and 3, Melody Takayasu and Yuya Yanai respectively, both with 4 points.

As a try-out event this tournament was a great experience, we are sure this will grow, and we will be back and deepen our relationship with the chess scene in Osaka - a magnificent city. Thanks to Mr. Leonard Brinkmann for organising and hosting the event.

Mei Jing vs Matthew in an all Hong Kong last round

Miguel on foreground with black and in the back Zhiyan Huang with white: both won their game in the last round.

Meijing with white against Xiaming Zhang from Shenzhen and Maoyin Ning ready for her game with white too.

Top 10 Ranking


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