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Spring 2024 EOM (End of Month) Final Leg: Kaydyn Champion Group A, Anson Group B, Shreenidhi Group C and Dominic Group D

It was a hot hot hot pre-summer day. In addition to the in-Hong-Kong-everywhere-ubiquitous-aircon we turned on good-old wind fans to keep the heat under control. And in Group C/D we got some ice cream...

But on the boards, this had no effect. The 27 Group C/D and 26 Group A/B Caissa students showed firework on the boards. In this 3rd leg of the Spring series (April, May, June) we would find out who would be the winners of the June leg but also, counting the 2 best scores of participated EOMs in the Spring cycle, who would be the winners of the Spring Cycle and promote a group up or out (Group A promovendi) of the EOM.

The Question: Do you Like the EOM?

The Question: How is it going so far ...

The Question: Please sit down when you eat ice cream ...

From 1.30-3.30pm Groups C and D played their rapid games in good fashion. In Group D Cameron, Dominic and Jacob tied for 1st place with 3 out of 5 both, followed by Morris with 2 points and Martin and Nicholas, each with 1.5 points. On tie-break Martin just missed out a medal but he is making good progress.

Action in the C/D Group...

In the overall standing after 3 legs in the Spring cycle (best of 2 appearances) Dominic was finally crowned Champion followed by Cameron with an equal amount of 6 points. Morris, Godwin and Jacob collected the other 3 trophies and all 5 players are promoted to Group C.

The Prize Winners of the Spring Cycle (left - with Mikail arbiter in the back!) and Today's Medal Winners (right)

In Group C (given the group's size this group had had 7 prizes) today's Champion medal went to Shreenidhi, followed by Harriet on 2nd place. Alicia ended 6th and as such we had 3 girls in the medal prizes! That is very nice. The 3rd, 4th and 5th medals went to Shashank, Arjun and Ernest all with 4 points and 7th place medal went to Cyrus, leading the group of 3 pointers.

The overall standing, see below, we welcome Shreenidhi (Champion), Shashank, Shayne, Arjun, Henry, Alicia and Mason to Group B next season.

Final standing of Top 20 Group D and Top 30 Group C Players

Prize Winners Group C - Today's Medal Winners (left) and the Cycle Winners (right).

In Groups B and A writing of moves have has been made compulsory again to make sure players won't be too hasty. Writing of moves slows you down and forces you to look well at what your opponent actually did... In this group we have our strongest students and we want to make sure they learn as much as possible from this Caissa in-house event - the ultimate purpose of the EOM is to prepare our students for any outside tournament.

Action photos Group A/B

There were 6 medals today for the top Group B players. Ethan, Sam, Tejas (3.5 points). Julian, Jake (3 points) and Ziwen (2.5 points).

Final Standings Top 30 Group B and Top 10 Group A

Medal Winners Group B of today (left: Ethan, Julian, Ziwen, Jake, Tejas, Sam and the Spring cycle winners with trophies (right: Ethan, Ethan, Ziwen, Jacob, Kaito, Anson and Sam)

In Group A Joshua played a strong event and conceded only one draw to get the Champion medal of this month. But Champion of the Spring Cycle Group A was Kaydyn who with a 100% score in both April and May remained unreachable. Well done all! You are all ready for any external event. Do your best and hope to see you in other events, Caissa's or organised by others.

Group A Medal Winners (left: Daniel, Kaydyn, Lachlan and Joshua) and Spring Cycle Winners (right: Daniel, Lachlan, Andy, Kaydyn)

For the ones who didn't win what they hoped for - see you in September! If you keep up your practice, you will get a prize in the future. Anyone who ever won a prize will acknowledge that!


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