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Mikail Chan Convincingly Wins Caissa's End of Season Rapid

On Sunday 16 June, Father's Day, 30 players headed to the Caissa HK Chess Club Centre in Sheung Wan to play our this season's last FIDE rated Rapid.

Smoothly driven by IA Alberto, the 6 rounds proved enough for Caissa CTP pupil Mikail to free himself, with 5.5 points, one full point loose from number 2, Caissa's another CTP pupil, Brandon Fang, who had faced strong opponents and had the highest tie-break in that aspect. Zachary Tong, also CTP student, ended 5th within prize range after strong adults Raymond and Edgar and before Zeth, Caissa tournament player of the first hour.

Impression of the games in the last round

Caissa students Marvin and also did good business winning Best U16. Best U12 went to Zachary Liu, former long time Caissa student, while Isaac Say brought home the Best U10 trophy.

Several other Caissa students who missed out on prizes this time played concentrated and there was a great ambiance of sportmanship among all players, Caissa or not. That is a win in itself.

The Prize Winners - front left to right Brandon and Zachary, back left to right: Edgar, Zeth, Mikail and Raymond.

Left to right Zachary Liu Best U12, Isaac Best U10 and Marvin Best U16

Click HERE for all results.


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