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September EOM - End of Month - Shows Great Chess Spirit

The Discovery Bay players group photo (left to right): Chor Wei, Lucas, Roemer, Nathan, Savin, Seth, Mahir, Noah, Aubrey, Suneh, Ted, Lucas, Max and Ritvik.

The September EOM was played on Saturday 26 in Discovery Bay and Sunday 27 in Sheung Wan. It was not the best weekend to hold the event as several students were out of town due to the long Mid-Autumn weekend, but nonetheless we were glad to see 25 of our students play in this internal competition.

Discovery Bay

In Group C, Savin, Roemer, Ted and Max played their first ever chess event – and it went remarkably well. They were not distracted by their nervous parents … and played with the clock, never used before, as though it was second nature. Lots of draws were played because moving towards check mate in a winning position is still tough in Step 1. Yet, Savin managed to win a game and with 2 points became the September champion. Roemer and Max both had played 3 draws and after a lottery it was Roemer who got 2nd prize medal and Max 3rd prize. But well done to all boys and keep an eye out for Ted in the coming EOM.

Roemer (orange shirt) against Savin looks at how Max's black bishop collides with his brother Ted's white rook.

In Group B only Aubrey had not yet played a tournament but she did great and with 2 out of 3 she ended on a shared 1st place with Chor Wei. Because Chor Wei in their personal encounter had defeated Aubrey, he got 1st prize medal and Aubrey 2nd. Young Nathan and Suneh ended both with 1 points shared 3rd place but also here because Suneh had won in their personal encounter the 3rd prize medal went to Suneh.

Aubrey pushes her black pieces towards Suneh's king and Chor Wei is a rook up against Nathan (white)

In Group A, a mix of mostly Step 3 with a few talented Step 2 students, some really good chess was played. Finally, the medals went to Lucas, 3rd prize, Noah got 2nd prize and Seth was the September Champion in this group. It seems Noah and Seth win prizes every weekend nowadays ...!

Sheung Wan

In Group C Jolie and Ilio played their first ever chess event and Charlize’s slightly larger experience was enough for her to win 1st prize medal with 3 wins. Ilio got the 2nd prize medal and Jolie 3rd. We can expect the nervousness to be somewhat less next time and we look forward to see these players grow. Well done all!

Charlize's white pieces outnumber Jolie's. Ilio on foreground watches.

In Group B we had a mix of Step 2 and 3 students and some with experience in several tournaments and some with very little experience. Alexander, step 2, played impressively well but indeed some lack of experience, especially with that distracting clock counting down so fast, missed out cashing in a winning position. As such he and Darren ended with equal points and as their personal encounter was a draw and both had played the same amount of games with black the 2nd and 3rd prize medals were decided by lottery, 2nd prize going to Darren and 3rd prize to Alexander. Mahir, also step 2 who had played in Group A on Saturday, was the strongest in group B today and became the Champion with 2 points. Ritvik stayed close to other prize winning players but both today and yesterday he lacked a little bit of luck.

Mahir raising his hands: Darren's white king checkmated.

In Group A our most experienced players, step 3 and step 4 level, had a tough day. Everybody had lost against everybody except for Jasmine who with 3 points became the Champion of the month. Way to go Jasmine!

Samuel, Howard and Kevin all had 1 point but it was Kevin who unfortunately ended on 4th place having played less with black. Samuel, getting stronger and stronger, had won against Howard and due to this personal encounter result he got the 2nd prize medal and Howard got 3rd prize.

We will be adding up all points from September, October and November EOM competitions to decide who will win the EOM Autumn Cup.

At Ilio's request: an "official photo" with hand shake and all - congrats Ilio!

Some of the Sheung Wan participants: Jasmine, Charlize, Darren and Howard (back left to right) and Kevin, Mahir, Ilio, Alexander, Samuel and Jolie (front lft to right).

We will be adding up all points from September, October and November EOM competition to decide who will win the Autumn Cup

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