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October EOM in DB on Halloween Day ...

The October EOM took place in Discovery Bay for all our students to visit and compete ... on 31 October ... Halloween! View the photo album on Flickr.

Roemer very interested in the medals and other items on the prize table ...

Three students couldn't make it in the end and as such we had 19 players spread out over 3 Step-level categories. Group C Steppings Stones Yellow and Step 1, Group B Step 2 and early Step 3, and Group C Step 3 and early Step 4.

In Group C Savin underlined his speedy and impressive progress by winning all 4 games, without a BYE compared to all other players in this group. Last week Savin started with Step 2 after only 3+ months! It will be interesting to see how he will play in Group B next month.

Emily ended 2nd place with 3 points - a great performance for her first ever chess competition. Well done!

Roemer and Ilio shared 3rd place, but despite Ilio having had a winning position on the board, Roemer beat Ilio on time in their personal encounter. Good learning for both boys. In Group B young Nathan and Maximillien shared 1st place both with 2.5 points but because Maximillien won in their personal encounter he received the champion medal and Nathan received the 2nd place medal.

Suneh, Aubrey and Alexander shared 3rd place with 2 points each but because the boys had both won against Aubrey she fell out of prize range this time. There was no personal encounter between Alexander and Suneh and the winner was decided by the player with most black games played: Alexander.

In Group A 6 year old Mahir (Step 2 only!) combined confidence, skills, patience and fighter spirit into 4 straight wins, despite a fractured shoulder that is...! Way to go Mahir!

Jasmine wih a solid 3 points score ended 2nd. Like with Emily we are glad to see girls winning prizes!

The 3rd prize went to Seth who keeps on collecting medals each event. Good job!

Below all the results:

Cross Table October EOM
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