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November EOM - Autumn Edition Last Round Ends with Trophies and Medals

After the EOM in September and the EOM held in October, the last EOM of the Autumn cycle was held on Sunday 28 November in Sheung Wan. This End of Month event is only for our students who compete against their peers in terms of the Step level they are currently training in.

In the C Group, Stepping Stones 2 and early Step 1 level, we had Daniel and Jayden play their first ever tournament and togetehr with Ilio, who played 1 game less today, they showed great spirit. In the (almost) double round robin the boys got used to being quiet while playing, and not forgetting to press te clock, rapidly. The 1st and 2nd Prize was decided by lottery and Jayden was the most lucky with this. Well done boys, you all got a medal for the November event.

In Group B, Step 2 and early Step 3, Alexander and Aidan tied for 2nd and 3r place but based on the result in their personal encounter Aidan got 2nd Prize and Alexander 3r Prize. Savin had to concede only one loss against Nathan and with that impressively won the B group into which he was promoted after completing Step 1 just last month. Aubrey had some bad luck and although she didn't win a prize she played well and Jake had given away a few good positions which will happen less and less as he will play more. Well done alos to all players in this group.

Most impressive progress came from Savin: winning Group C twice as well as Group B upon promotion to Step 2.

In Group A, Step 3 and early Step 4, Seth and Jasmine remained just out of the prize zone with 2.5 points. Howard and Noah tied 2nd and 3rd place with 3 points but 2nd Prize went to Noah based on their personal encounter result. Well done boys and also to the other players, Kevin, Mahir and Samuel who al played some good games. But the strongest player today was Ulysses who participated for the first time in an EOM and scored 4 out of 5.

Jasmine was the only player to get a point from Ulysses

Below are the results of the November event:

Yet, the EOM is an event over 3 months and if we add up the scores of all events in the Autumn cycle we get an overall total score and today was the day to count all points and hand out the top 3 trophies for the Autumn cycle.

The top 3 prizes were as follows:

  • Group C: 1. Savin, 2. Ilio, 3. Roemer

  • Group B: 1. Alexander, 2. Nathan, 3. Aubrey

  • Group A: 1. Mahir, 2. Jasmine, 3. Noah

Below is the final total result list of the entire Autumn:

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