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February EOM - Game Quality Going Up

Very few illegal moves, no accidental stalemates in which one side has double amount of pieces, no scholars mate despite some attempts ... indeed very decent chess characterized the February edition of the EOM played on Saturday 27th. This time all players, deservedly, got a medal.

In group C a double round robin was played among four players. With 4 points Emily claimed 1st prize followed by Ilio, who forgetting about the clock lost a game or two, with 3 points. Daniel played some good chess too and matured a lot in focus and chess discipline. Rahul gave away some good positions but was still content with his medal.

Group B had 5 players. Savin and Nathan both scored 3 points to share 1st place but because Nathan had won their personal encounter it was he who received 1st prize and Savin 2nd prize. Noah M, recently promoted from Stepping Stones 2 to Step 1 and who won the C group convincingly last EOM had to bite the bullet in this tougher group but he will be a stayer. Alexander and Chor Wei also managed to win a game or two and whereas sometimes Chor Wei was too slow, Alexander played too hastily. Gradually both will find the right pace for them.

In group A our most seasoned players of that day were grouped together. Mahir played in this toughest group in preparation of the Lower Primary inter-school the next day where he would play board 1 for Discovery College whereas the other three players would be playing in Upper Primary for Discovery College. It was Seth finally who managed to win all games, also beating Mei Jing through an illegal move she made. Mei Jing ended 2nd, Mahir and Noah C respectively 3rd and 4th. In any case, today, also in this group, all players got a medal.

Good job all.

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