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30 Caissa Students Participate in 7th Annual ISF Academy Tournament: Miguel Angel Champion Primary!

The 7th edition of the ISF Academy chess event was attended by a record number of players, well over 200, spread out over the categories Age 4-6, Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary. We at Caissa strongly encouraged our players to join this tournament and there were none less than 30 Caissa kids playing in this well organized event by Aktive Kids.

And our kids did well, in attitude, sportsmanship, quality of play and finally bringing home school trophies in the Age 4-6 and Primary sections as well as over a handful of individual prizes across all categories among which this year’s Primary Champion Cup and title won by first-hour Caissa kid Miguel Angel!

In Age 4-6: 5 Caissa Kids

Nathan who had sprinted to top position after 5 straight wins unfortunately lost his last game. This cost him the title but still got him 2nd Prize with 5 points. Oliver, who only recently joined Caissa got 4th Prize with 5 points too. Noah and Savin ended 8 and 10th with 4 points but Noah was the best U6 and got a trophy for that. Ilio with 3 points ended 19th and out of 49 players this is a good result!

Nathan, Noah and Savin’s points added together were good for the 2nd Prize trophy for Discovery College: as such all DC students contributed to winning a prize.

Lower Primary: 2 Caissa Kids

In Lower Primary we only had Mahir and Vihaan playing. Mahir, who could have played in the Age 4-6 category chose to stay in the Lower Primary group after the registration error was known and he managed to score 3.5 points, ending 23rd out of 69 players. Vihaan, unexperienced in large open tournaments, with 3 points still scored 50% and from here we will gradually raise the bar. Mahir’s points, although missed in the Age 4-6 category which could have let to 1st Prize there, turned out to be crucial for the Primary school 6th Prize trophy won by Discovery College. Without Mahir's points Discovery College Primary would likely have just fallen short of a trophy.

Upper Primary: 11 Caissa Kids

Miguel Angel, in great shape, allowed only a draw in the last game which with 5.5 points made him the best player in the U11 category as well as the overall Champion Primary. Only one trophy per person was given though and Miguel Angel was glad enough with the Champion Cup. Keep it up Miguel!

Aaditya, ended with 5 points on the 2nd place behind Miguel Angel and was the best U10 player, but also he seemed happy enough with the prestiguous 2nd Prize Primary trophy. Suen on 9th place with 4.5 points just fell out of the Primary prizes but his good results got him the trophy for his age.

Harold Wing Shun, Alexander, Matthew and Seth ended all in the top 20 with 4 points and with 64 players that is an excellent result. Also, the difference between them and the 2nd and 3rd place was only 1 point which shows how close the players are to the top in this group. It is noteworthy that Alexander, after his 1st round loss, recovered very well and showed strong resilience with scoring 2 draws and 3 wins in the other 5 rounds. Way to go Alexander!

Amaey with 3 points can take this 50% score as the base from which to climb up and Ritvik and Noah, both with 2 points, had a typical uphill-battle-day when nothing goes easy. Next time boys. Also Kevin, who scored 1.5 points in the morning session, but had to leave after lunch, will definitely score more next time…

Secondary: 2 Caissa Kids

James Wing Ki ended 3rd with 5 points in his first appearance in Secondary and he shows that after having been a main force in the Primary section for years, the Secondary is now on his radar screen! Jasmine with 4.5 points got 5th Prize! Good job. With 54 players in this category we are very proud Caissa kids occupy 2 places in the top 5.

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