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23 Caissa Students Participate and 11 Win Top Prizes in All Age Categories at HKJCC Juniors Rapid Ch

It was definitely worthwhile to skip a week in the Spring YGP schedule as many YGP players participating in the very well organized HKJCC Junior Rapid Chess Championship collected their prizes ... and among those many Caissa students!

Kevin looks confidently in the camera before round 7 while Ulysses discusses some matters with Kevin's opponent

U7 We are immensely proud to see five Caissa students in the top 7 in this age group of 30 players.

Despite having been on the top boards the whole event Noah lost in the 7th round and ended 7th with 4.5 points, just out of the top 6 prizes range. The 6th prize went to Nathan, also 4.5 points, who played a great tournament. Young Savin, who will be playing in his age group again next year, scored 5 points and deservedly won 4th prize – even more so knowing he lost a game in a winning position on time after he was locked in a room by accident. Oliver, who only became a Caissa student few months ago collected 2nd prize with an impressive score of 6 points.

Winner with 7 points was the absolutely undisputable best player in Hong Kong in this age category at this moment, again scoring 100%, Mahir “The Unstoppable”. Congratulations champ!

Champion Mahir with Oliver, Savin and Nathan among the prize winners

U9 In this group of 58 players we had eight Caissa students lined up.

Louis, just restarting chess a few weeks ago, Alistair and Alan with 3 points just missed the 50% mark which Noah and Ritvik with 4 points managed to cross. Amaey and Cho Fai with 4.5 points ended 13th and 12th respectively. This was Cho Fai’s first tournament and a great result!

But it was Seth, who lost the last round after winning 5 times in a row, who still collected 6th Prize silverware with 5 points.

Congrats also to Ethan, newcomer from UK, to become Champion.

Seth with 6th Prize

U11 In this group of 53 players there were 7 Caissa players and 4 were successful in claiming prizes given to the top 8.

Cho Yaw, in his first tournament, can be satisfied with his 3 points in this strong field as can Thomas be, also just recently restarted, with his 3.5 points and a 50% result. Howard with 4 points confidently passed the 50% mark.

Wing Shun with 5 points collected 7th prize and today’s “Unbeatable” Kevin, the only player to not have lost a game, got deservedly 5th Prize with 5.5 points. Ulysses also scored a strong 5.5 points to get himself 4th prize and today’s strongest Caissa student was Aaditya with 5.5 points ending with 2nd Prize.

Harold, Kevin, Ulysses and Aaditya among the prize winners

U13 In this group of 25 players we had two Caissa students only participating.

Hoi Ting, who started with 4 out of 5, suddenly got stuck in the last rounds and ended with 4 points on the 8th place. Our superstar Wing Ki allowed only 1 draw and he can add this Champion title to various other ones collected already. Well done again!

Wing Ki Champion!

U17 In this group of 13 players we had Caissa’s Miguel Angel, who could still play in U11, play for pure practice in preparation of the Dutch closed championship early in May. It turned out to be more than practice and with a solid 5 point score he collected 2nd Prize. Way to go U17 youngster!

Miguel Angel with 2nd Prize

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