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Autumn EOM ends with a bang in Discovery Bay

The EOM of November was played in Discovery Bay on a sunny Saturday 3 December. With this the autumn cycle ended, besides the winners of November we would also know the overall winners of the full 3-months cycle that had started in September. Lots of prizes to be given out to our students!

EOM November and Autumn 2016 Prize Table Prize table

Unfortunately an entire batch of our Stanley region students did not arrive in Discovery Bay and after some regrouping we conducted the last event with 4 groups.

In Group A Miguel scored the full 100 percent and among the two sick Seth and Savin, Seth managed to get 2nd place. Seth and Savin also managed to bring home the Autumn top 2 prizes in this order and Oliver won 3rd prize.

In Group B Alexander won 1st prize in a double Round Robin. With this performance he also became overall Autumn winner, followed by Allistair and Nathan.

In Group C Michelle Sun was the strongest in the double Round Robin of Group, C winning all her games. Suneh also had a strong performance again, getting 2nd prize followed by the very youngsters Channing and Ilio each with 1 point. In the overall Autumn ranking in this group Michelle Sun, Suneh and Michelle Chan ended as the top 3 players.

In Group D, finally, Gabriel was unstoppable, followed by Chor Xi and Sarvya. In the overall Autmnn Gabriel ended 1st place, Ilio 2nd and Chor Xi 3rd.

Parth won the Group E 1st prize.

Channing won the best player of the month given his steep progress in the last couple of months and some good games already up in Group C.

Congrats to all winners and players - a great way to say goodbye to Autumn and welcome Winter. Below the final ranking and score table of the Autumn 2016 EOM.

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