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Winter 2018 EOM Ends: Medals and Trophies Festival

After 3 months playing each "end of the month" we finally concluded on 24 March this year's winter cycle in which 55 of our students participated. The results for March can be found here and below is the end ranking.

In the most advanced Group A, Gabriel and Aidan played for the Champion title until the very last minute - with 0.5 point difference it went to Gabriel.

In the B Group Milton was impressively 3 points loose from numbers 2 and 3, on tie-break, Marcus and Ethan.

In Group C top 3 players ended all with 8 points. On tie-break the Title went to Khrish, followed by Rishi and Julien.

In Group D Adrien was first with 5.5 points and Oisin and Adhya took 2nd and 3rd prize respectively decided by tie-break as well.

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