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Caissa Students on top at ISF tournament!

The 10th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open 2019 was a big success for our Caissa students. In three out of four groups a Caissa student was victorious. This was not all as both Michelle and Jennifer laid claim on a female prize as well!

In the Kindergarten group (Under 6), Bruce Qin made no doubt about who was the strongest there. With a convincing 5.5 out of 6 he stayed 1.5 point ahead of the competition. There was another success in this group as Oliver Hill-Wood managed to grab the third prize.

The Lower Primary group was extremely big (over 100 participants). When all the dust had settled only one kid was left standing, Jack Puhar. With a perfect score of 6 out of 6, he crushed the competition.

Other successes in this group were Ethan Pu (3rd), Gabriel Chan (5th) and Marcus Su (6th).

In the Upper Primary the Caissa students had a rough time. The group was won by Thanneermalai who also won the National Championship U12 last month. Wilfred Hill-Wood managed to get a 6th place. The biggest success in this group was by Michelle Chan who started off slowly. After a refreshing lunch, she bounced back winning all her games and winning the girl’s prize.

Another female success was achieved in the Secondary section. After a loss in the first round against top player Ben Han, Jennifer Chui scored three wins in a row. Among them the number 3 seeded (rated 1507). Despite losing her final two rounds, she was already way too far ahead for the competition.

The group was won convincingly by Seth Peramunetilleke with 5.5/6. This was extra impressive as Seth could have played in the Upper Primary section, but chose to go one group higher to get some more competition. He won his first five rounds and a draw in the 6th round was enough to claim the top spot.

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