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Malvern College Hong Kong End of Year Tournament

Malvern College Hong Kong should be one of the latest school established in Hong Kong. The first cohorts of students started only in August 2018. We at Caissa were honored that we were entrusted to provide chess as an extra-curricular activity. With strong support from the Malvern College Hong Kong leadership team this meant that from Monday to Friday we every day had a class full of students learning how to play or improve how to play chess.

At the very start most of the students had never played chess or were only vaguely familiar with the rules. But after 3 terms of teaching chess we are very proud to see that well over hundred students, of whom around 70 joined the End of Year tournament, are now able to play tournament level chess.

For the End of Year tournament students were placed in different groups according to their age and level:

  • Lower Primary Starters (7 students who were not familiar yet with all the rules, as they started only ion term 3)

  • Lower Primary (30 players)

  • Upper Primary (22 players)

  • Formative Years (7 players)

The Upper Primary and Formative Years students were placed in one group but the players were playing for prizes in their own age category. As this was a qualifying event for House points, we added up the points of the top 5 players of each House and if undecided, we added more to reach the tie-break.

Enjoy the video impression of the day and many thanks to Dr. Lister, Principal of the school for being there and handing out the prizes.


All results are online - click on the below links:


The winning house was Lewis, very strong and 4 board points ahead of numbers 2, 3 and 4. But to decide 2nd and 3rd place it was necessary to continue to the best 8 players to get to the final tie-break!


  • Lower Primary - Starters: 1st Place Harrison Zarkhosh, 2nd Place Hilario Ng, 3rd Place Ethan Zhong and Best Girl, Callie Orr

  • Lower Primary: 1st Vincent Wu, 2nd Oscar Shum, 3rd Kyle Suen, Best Girl Eva Ahn

  • Upper Primary: 1st Place Lixian Yang, 2nd Place Rio Lai, 3rd Place Isaac Yan, Best Girl Jin Chu (noteworthy to know is that Lixian is Year 1 only, playing in a higher category and winning it, losing only to Miguel Angel!)

  • FY: 1st Miguel Angel Garceran Wang, 2nd Mei Jing Garceran Wang but she got Best Girl Prize, therefore 2nd Jasper Chan, 3rd Hiro Kelly

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