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Caissa EGTP Youth Beat Spanish Team in Internet Match

We are flattered that ideas we bring into the chess scene are often copied by others - good ideas are worth spreading. We don't mind. Already 5 years ago we organised internet training matches against youth in The Netherlands and in January this year we had a match against coach Marcos's club Naranco in Spain, which we lost 9.5-6.5.

On 7 December in the evening, of course pizzas and drinks were provided, a Caissa team of EGTP students played the return match against Naranco. The 10-players star team, ready for revenge, comprised of following players (score in brackets game 1, game 2):

  • Michelle Chan (0, 1)

  • Boris Chan (1, 0.5)

  • Paul Ngyuen (1, 1)

  • Niilo Niisinen (0.5, 1)

  • Channing Li (0.5, 1)

  • Neel Iyer (0, 0)

  • Advay Hari (0, 0.5)

  • Marcus Su (0, 1)

  • Julian Wang (0, 1)

  • Constantin Xiao (1,0)

Counting all points you can see we won 11-9 ... however, the match was not entirely without suspense and wonder: in the second round Julian Wang received and accepted a random challenge, with the extraordinary coincidence that it was with the same time control we had chosen for our match. Odds are really small for this to happen

Without that game we won 10-9 anyway. Revenge mission completed! Well done all.

And big thanks to coach Marcos for arranging the event and thanks also to the Naranco team. Let's meet again.

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