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End of Month (EOM) Leg 1 Winter 2022 Report

Around 40 Caissa students, spread out over 4 groups of different levels, made it out to Caissa Sheung Wan chess center on 30 January 2020. Today and next month the prizes are medals and in March there will also be trophies for the best players over the 3 legs of the Winter EOM.

Group C and D students, having least tournament experience, played very well today, making good use of their 15 minutes per player and churning out some very interesting check mates. Great to see that Rafa and Aksinya in Group D won their first medal. Jaydan from Group D did very well and with 4 points was in the top 5 of the combined groups C and D, all with 4 points. On-tie-break Liam got 1st Prize and noteworthy was 5-years old Yue Chun's 3rd Prize.

In Group A and B, which started after Groups C and D were finished 15 players chess-battled it out. Ethan from Group A, the most advanced group, ended 1st place of the combined Groups A and B with 4 points. The 2nd and 3rd Prizes in Group A went to Edward and Rosemarie. But today was the day of Group B players, the top 3, Johnny, Zachary and Elise all ending in the top 5 of the combined groups. Well done all!

An impression of today's event in this video:


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