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End of Month October Leg - Halloween

The 2nd leg of the Autumn cycle was held in Discovery Bay. The ranking you can find here:

Led by coach IM Matthew and supported by coach GM Rodrigo the event went smooth. In Group D, Tejas scored 3 out of 5 and in addition to win 1st Prize for today's leg he also consolidated his top spot in the cycle with 5.5 points leading Darren by half point and Arjun by a full point. It is certainly not clear yet who will be the promoted ones in this group.

Group C was dominated by Bryan who -again!- scored 5 out of 5. He therefore won 1st Prize today and he will be the Champion of this cycle in Group C, promoted to Group B. Be reminded that the 2 best of 3 events count. Ernest and Ben followed close with 4 points and Jacob with a good 3.5 score established himself number 2 now in the cycle. All behind Bryan can still improve their score and it will be tight until the November leg is finished.

Impression Group C/D and Prize Winners on the Caissa DB Club terrace with coach GM Rodrigo

Group B Oscar won 1st Prize with 3 points. Both Cameron and Lucas did good business though, scoring 2.5 points and as such securing top 2 positions ... for now ... in the cycle standings after 2 legs.

Group A Brandon scored the full 5 points and together with Aidan, who scored 4 points, they share the first place with 8.5 points after 2 legs. Christian, Jason and Noah remain the most serious contenders for a top 3 spot and promotion out of the EOM.

Group A/B in Action and Prize Winners


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