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David Rivas Scores Another Title: Friday Spring Open Champion!

The Friday Spring Open standard time control was the last event in the 2017-18 CGP, Caissa Grand Prix, cycle. It was planned to be over 7 Friday evenings. Because of a fire alarm evacuation incident in the building, in the end the tournament concluded over 6 rounds, well managed by IA Alberto Muniz. All results are here.

With 4.5 points CM David Rivas won the title followed by Henry Ho and David Garceran Nieuwenburg who ended 2nd and 3rd on tie-break both with 4 points. Congrats David Rivas with again the top prize!

In U12-10 Mahir Uppal won the 1st prize with 3.5 points followed by Noah Michishita and Zeth Hon, both with 3 points and 2nd and 3rd respectively on tie-break.

In the U8 Samuel Lam and Gabriel Chan both ended with 3 points but on tie-break it was Samuel who won 1st Prize. Third prize wen to Aryav Khaderia with 2 points. Good job boys!

With the conclusion of this last CGP qualifying event it is not also clear who will be the sponsored players to the World Youth in Spain in December 2018. Have a look here...

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