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Harrow International School Inaugural School Chess Championship 2024

On Sunday afternoon 5 May 2024 some 70 Harrow students came to school to play in the first internal competition for 6 Prizes, including the Champion titles in the Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory and Senior/6th Form categories. In addition, there were prizes for the Best Year students as well as Best Girl prizes for each year.

Group photo after Prize Giving

The excellent indoor and outdoor facilities at Harrow helped to execute the event smoothly. Coffee, tea and cookies were provided by the school for the large group of interested parents who stayed during the entire event and such parent interest surely helps to create value for the event in the eyes of the children.

Impression of the day (left to right): the Caissa team in charge of the event, the playing hall, outside area, Mr. Purnell at doing prize giving.

Top 3 places as follows:


1. Declan Chan

2. Alex Lee

3. Marcus Ng

PREP (Y6-8)

1. Jonathan Yeung

2. Jack Wei

3. Ari Yuen

SENIOR & 6th FORM (Y9-13)

1. Andrew Hung

2. Edward He

3. Chess Jirasiriariyakul


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