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Tang Tsz Sang Leads Caissa Summer Moves Grand Prix after Two Events

With 6 FIDE rated events as part of the densely packed Caissa Summer Moves 7-leg Grand Prix, spread out over only 5 weeks in August and September, there has never been a bigger opportunity in Hong Kong to get a FIDE rating or to work on boosting a FIDE rating up.

Last Sunday 15 August, in our Sheung Wan centre, the first two out of seven Grand Prix events took place starting with the FIDE rated Blitz followed by (is it) the first Hong Kong (?) Open Fischer Random Blitz. Both events qualified for GP points: winner 10 points, 2nd place 7 points, 3rd place 5, 4th place 2 and 5th place 1 point. The best of 4 events will be taken into account to determine each player's total score and therewith determine the overall GP prize winners.

The FIDE blitz, played over 9 rounds 3m+2s was won by FM Daniel Lam with 8 points, 1.5 points away from 2nd place youth talent and Caissa student Boris Chan (great performance Boris!) and 2 points loose from 3rd place Tang Tsz Sang. Trevor Chan (4th) and Edgar Lopez De Anda (5th) didn't win a trophy, but still collected their GP points.

It was good to see that some Caissa students of the past had returned. Alexander Vlasov played fearless and if continuing like this will deservedly get more out of upcoming events.

Round 1 FIDE Blitz - Nice Looking Trophies on Foreground!

In the afternoon we resumed with the Fischer Random. Only a total of 10 players showed their interest by participating, which is somehow too bad, missing out an opportunity to play chess at its rawest without 10+ move memorized opening knowledge. Nonetheless, we had great fun, double round robin to avoid only white players to possibly have a decisive advantage depending on the randomized starting position.

AGM ("coach") Alberto Muniz was the best player with 12.5 points out of 14, followed by Tang Tsz Sang (who thus went home with two trophies...) with 10.5 points and on 3rd place "new kid on the block" Trevor Xavier Yao Chan who took home a trophy as well as some GP points. David GN and Kainos Wong also collected some GP points by ending 4th and 5th respectively.

Tang Tsz Sang Leads Caissa Summer Moves 2021 Grand Prix after Two Events

The GP ranking after two events is:

  1. Tang Tsz Sang: 12 points

  2. Daniel Lam: 10 points

  3. Alberto Muniz: 10 points

  4. Trevor Chan: 7 points

  5. Boris Chan: 7 points

  6. David GN: 2 points

  7. Kainos Wong: 1 point

  8. Edgar Lopez: 1 point

All Prize Winners


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