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Wenzhi Dai Wins Start of Season Rapid

On 17 September we started the season off with our SOS 2023 event, FIDE rated rapid. With 38 players warming-up for the rest of the season we had reached maximum capacity at our Sheung Wan centre. As always, the event was smoothly managed by IA Alberto Muniz.

The Open section was dominated by visiting graduate student Wenzhi, undisputed title winner with 6 out of 6. Congrats and well done!

Caissa youth did well too, both Brandon (with 5 points 2nd ) and Zachary (with 4 poiints 6th) were prize winners. Talented brothers and former Caissa students Nathaniel and Zion also claimed ground in the top with 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Best youth players were Advay is U16, Marvin U12, Brayden U10.

Unfortunately, some prize winners left earlier which meant we gave the trophies to the next in line. Yet another angle that shows that in chess patience is important to win prizes!


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