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Wing Ki wins Autumn YGP with 7 out of 7!

Mei Jing seems to don't mind her opponent hasn't arrived in time yet - and he would not arrive ...

On Sunday 8 November the final rounds 6 and 7 of the Autumn YGP, the first YGP event in the 2015-16 season, took place at our Sheung Wan center. Round 5 had placed Wing Ki as sole leader after he had won from Miguel Angel in that round and round 6 would start with Wing Ki facing Richard, the only other undefeated player at that moment. However, when it turned out that also Richard was unable to stop Wing Ki in round 6 and in round 7 Aaditya also suffered a loss it was clear that in this edition Wing Ki was the deserved winner.


Because we only had 3 players in U14 there was only one Champions prize which went to Richard with 5 points. Jasmine ended with 4 points on 10th place and was the best girl.


Wing Ki, the overall winner with 7 points received the Champion prize in U12 closely followed by Miguel Angel with 6 points and 2nd place in U12 and overall. Third place went to Toby who had scored 4 straight wins in his last 4 rounds. Way to go boys!


Although Aaditya, who had recoved very well from his loss against Miguel Angel in the first round by scoring 4.5 points out of the following 5 games, had lost in the last round against Wing Ki he stayed on top in this age category as Champion. Harold, who is becoming a force to reckon nowadays in this age category, got 2nd prize with 4 points and Harsh 3rd prize with 3 points


This age category bulks with talents. Both Alan and Zeth kept playing in the top the whole tournament. They both lost in their last round, ending with 4 points each. On tie-break Alan was crowned Champion and Zeth received 2rd prize. Third prize went to Mahir with 3.5 points.

Well done to all players for demonstrating a very sporting attitude. A special congrats to our six Caissa students among the above 10 prize winners: Richard, Wing Ki, Miguel Angel, Aaditya, Harold and Mahir. Keep it up and if this time your score did not result in a prize - keep on coming to the lessons and let's work!

All results and selected games of the Autumn YGP can be found here.

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