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HKCF Inter-School: ISF and Kau Yan too strong. Discovery College Top board players best in Hong Kong

After the excellent results in the HKJCC inter-school last week, our students were definitely ready for the HKCF organized inter-school event on Sunday 28 February.

Lower Primary Joshua, Savin, Mahir and Nathan Group Yell with Joshua's mom

Before reporting further, it needs to be said that it is curious that in Hong Kong the Primary years are not consistent. In most schools Upper Primary extends to P6, with students born in 2005 at the latest. In other schools Upper Primary can be 1 or 2 years longer and players are thus older. Like with boxing, in which a few kilo’s difference already puts you in a different competition category, it is also of significant influence, especially among youth top players, to play in one’s own age category. It would be good for both HKJCC and HKCF to consider the age difference impact and cap it with a year of birth instead of how any particular school defines its Primary years.

Discovery College Lower Primary

The unexpected trump card of last week's inter-school, Noah M, was dearly missed today. But all the boys played their hardest. Nathan, P2, scored a good 4 points on board 2 and Savin, just P1, had the same good score on board 3; losing in the last game cost him a top 5 position. In any case, good job! It is not about the prizes, yet.

Joshua had an off-day – that can happen. But Mahir, also just P2, was in tip top shape and it was him, who, again, could not be stopped, winning all his games on board 1. Mahir’s status in Lower Primary as the best player in Hong Kong after a 100% score two weeks in a row, against the strongest players in town, is herewith undisputable. Way to go Mahir and be reminded, staying at the top is harder than getting there. Let’s keep on working!

Discovery College Upper Primary

In this category the DC team was very motivated to improve on last week’s inter-school score. However, except for one match, the team either lost or won with monster scores. The consistency in play was not there and frankly, opponent teams were either too strong or too weak – there seemed to be no middle class in this tournament to slowly grow into the matches.

Noah with 3 points stayed below 50% this time and Mei Jing just made 50%, unfortunately some completely winning positions, with queen up, were not converted in points by her today. Seth who already showed the day earlier he was in good shape, continued with strong performance and as P4 on board 3 he deservedly got himself a medal with 4.5 points.

On board 1 Miguel Angel had a very strong performance and was leading the board 1 scores with 6 points after 6 rounds. Yet, losing in the last round from Crystal of IFC A team he ended collecting the 2nd prize for board 1, which again, given some age differences to his disadvantage is a great result. Good job Miguel!

DC vs GSIS: meet our 7 Caissa students Miguel Angel, Mei Jing, Seth, Noah, Aaditya, Ritvik and Ahaan!

Caissa Students at other Schools

GSIS with 3 Caissa students got 4th place in Upper Primary. Congrats! Aaditya on board 1 of GSIS and one of the youngest board 1 players, scored a good 3 points. Wing Shun from Kowloon Junior who scored 7 wins last week, had to settle today with 4 points on board 4. Ritvik on board 3 of GSIS also scored a good 4 points. Ahaan, who last week ended 2nd place on board 1 in Lower primary complemented the GSIS Upper Primary team on board 4 this time and managed to score a solid 5 points as did Amaey board 4 for Kennedy.

Melvin for HKIS in the Secondary Division scored 3.5 out of 7. That is a good score among this group of players.

All in all, it was a well-organized event. Congrats to all winning teams and all players for their positive play.

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