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Tushar Anand and Aaditya Kadam Impress with 100 Percent Score at Caissa Open Spring Blitz 2016

With over 30 participants the Spring Blitz was divided into 2 playing groups: Open and U12 in one group, playing for prizes of their own age group, and U10, U8 and U6 in another group, but also playing for prizes in each player's relevant age group. Given the success Wing Ki and Ethan had in the finale of the Spring YGP that had ended just that morning, they bravely opted to play higher than their age category, Wing Ki in Open and Ethan in U12.

Despite some initial trouble with the pairing software the tournament was a high paced event over 8 rounds of 10 minutes per person games.

The Open group was strong. Even though Wing Ki with 4 points ended above 2 adult players, there were 5 adult players higher than him and as such his only prize of that day remained the earlier won YGP Champion prize. Scott (U14) who had just missed out on a prize earlier in the YGP did well with 5 points, ending 4th, but not within 3rd prize range which went to Nicolas with 6 points. Second prize with 7 points went to Caissa coach Alberto, former winner of the event, who had only lost from Tushar who thus with a score of 8 out of 8 received the Champion prize.

Ethan with 3 points fared better in one age category up and collected 2nd Prize whereas Miguel Angel, also with 3 points, got the 3rd Prize on tie-break. Ronald, despite a slow start, got 1st Prize in U12 with 4 points.

All players ready for the prizes given by Alberto to the youth categories.

In U10 category, the two usual suspects Seth and Mei Jing, who had won prizes already earlier in that long weekend, could come forth to collect some more: 3rd and 2nd prize respectively. Champion with 8 out of 8 was Aaditya.

In U8 with 4 points each Nathan and Mahir ended 2nd and 3rd and after their success in the April EOM a few days earlier they could come up to collect some more prizes. But it was Oliver, who missed the first two rounds but with an impressive 5 points managed to collect the Champion prize in this age group. Surely we will see more to come from Oliver.

Oliver telling Mahir how many wins behind his name .

In U10 finally Ilio got 2nd Prize and Savin Champion prize with an impressive score of 4 points.

Tejpal and Nicolas staring down their opponents ...

Sorry Alberto, Rafael prefers the knight over the rook ...

It was great to see that, despite some additional decibel from our very youngsters now and then, youth and adults (thank you for your patience at times) played a sporty and exciting tournament.

And we have seen no computer game pop up anywhere: 1-0 for chess!

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