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Wing Ki Untouchable in Spring YGP 2016

With 7 out of 7, 1.5 points ahead of number 2, Wing Ki has shown again that at this moment he belongs to the absolute top in Hong Kong in U12 +/- 2 years...

The U14 and U12 players were placed in the same group, playing for 2 trophies to be won among 6 players. The heroic battle between Harsh (U10) and Ulysses (U12) ended in a win for Ulysses which got him the 2nd prize trophy in the U12-U14 category.

The decisive game between Ulysses vs. Harsh in the back attracts attention

Wing Ki and Ulysses Prize Winners U12-14

Upcoming Caissa's Kevin impressed again with 5 points in this strong field whereas other Caissa talent Miguel Angel just did not have his best tournament this time. No problem. We keep going!

While waiting, some fun with transfer chess Girls vs. Boys ... no cheating boys!

Harsh got 2nd place in the U10 category - a win would have put him 0.5 points higher than U10 Champion Ethan who had lost from Wing Ki earlier in this last round. Uncertainty and excitement stayed until the last round also around the other prizes in the U10 category. Aaditya, Mei Jing and Justin all ended with 4 points but on tie-break 3rd and 4th prize trophies went to Caissa's Aaditya and Mei Jing respectively. Well done all!

Prize Winners U10: Aaditya, Ethan, Mei Jing and Harsh

In U8 Zeth was crowned Champion with 3.5 points and Caissa's Mahir and Aubrey collected 2nd and 3rd prize. This was a good weekend for Mahir and Aubrey also winning Winter and April EOM silverware!

Prize Winners U8: Aubrey, Zeth and Mahir.

Thanks players and parents for coming along to play 7 rounds of chess spread out over 3 Sundays and a National Holiday today.

Hope to see you all back soon.

Al results: click here.

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