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July EOM (End of Month) - Caissa Students Back to Business!

With the massive outflow of our students abroad in the summer holiday, the June EOM was postponed to July, herewith the July EOM becoming the 2nd of three EOMs in the Summer cycle. The May results are here.

After having returned from holidays Caissa students were ready to sharpen up for the coming season

Supporting dads take care of players with a BYE by giving a simultane ...

In Group D Vihaan showed his progress through Step 1 level was serious and he proved convincingly this would be the last time he would play in Group D! The only draw he conceded was against William who played well, but too fast which is common this age. Charlotte played her first ever tournament and got 3rd prize medal.

Prize winners group D (left to right): Vihaan, William and Charlotte.

In Group C Noah C showed, through a 100% score, that when he puts himself to it he is a player who cannot be stopped easily. Charles played well too and ended 2nd with only 1 point behind and Noah M, the youngest player in this group, ended 3rd. Michelle played well but had some bad luck and Daniel who was superior in Group D in earlier editions found it difficult to get his engine going in this group - but no doubt he will soon!

Prize winners group C (left to right): Noah C, Charles and Noah M.

Tn Group B Abraham was in best shape. He only conceded one loss to end 1st, followed by Discovery Bay Caissa kids Savin on 2nd place and Mahir on 3rd place. Nathan and Adrian missed out just by very little and in fact in this group the games were so equal that any other other outcome could have been possible. Excellent play boys!

Prize winners group B (left to right): Abraham, Savin and Mahir

In our top group, finally, Jasmine impressed by winning all her games. Miguel Angel ended 2nd and Seth 3rd. Samuel and Mei Jing missed out a few chances but the season is yet to start ...

Prize winners group A (left to right): Jasmine, Miguel Angel and Seth

We are looking forward to the August edition which will determine not only the winners of August but of the entire Summer period by adding up all Summer EOM points.

Below are all the individual scores in cross-tables:

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