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Dozens of Trophies and Medals: Summer EOM ends with Strongest-ever Line-Up and Full House at Caissa

With the results known of the May and July editions, last Sunday's August EOM would, in addition to giving away medals to the top 3 group winners of August, also result in handing over trophies to our Caissa students who had collected most points over the full 3-months summer period.

And the interest was enormous with 34 players showing up. Unfortunately Conan, Beverly and Shirley came over 20 minutes late and their places were taken by three cold standby students. As this event aims to be finished in 2 hours -ideally!?- it is important to be in time and we hope to avoid disappointment in the future. Also, we will cap this tournament to maximum 30 students on first come basis as our Sheung Wan centre was very crowded with also supporting parents and siblings in the playing hall.

Interested (supporting, worried?) chess parents watching over their Group D youngsters in action

Group D, Stepping Stones 2 and early Step 1

Three first-time players Channing, Mohan and Parker caused a sensation by ending 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively and taking all August medals home. Well done boys! However, as they had not played in the two previous summer EOMs the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize trophies for the whole summer edition went to William, Tiia and Charlotte. Good job ... and welcome to Group C next time!

August Medalists and New-Kids-on-the-Block Parker (3rd) , Mohan (2nd) and Channing (1st) and Summer 2nd and 3rd Place Tiia and Charlotte (William missing).

Cross Table Group D August EOM

Group C, End Step 1 and Step 2

In this group Noah M, Michelle S and Vihaan collected medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Over the full 3 months they also collected the top 3 trophies, with Vihaan coming in as Champion, Michelle 2nd and Noah 3rd. These three prize collectors have shown clearly that from now group B will be their new level for prize fighting!

Group C August and Summer Prize Winners Vihaan, Michelle and Noah.

Cross Table Group C August EOM

Group B, End Step 2 and Step 3

In Group B we played a Swiss 5 rounds tournament with Savin, Connor, who played his first tournament (way to go Connor!), and Charles ending 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Noah C, Allistair, Mei Jing and Amaey followed closely with all of them only 0.5 points behind 3rd place. Over the entire Summer cycle Noah C became Champion (back to Group A Noah!), Savin 2nd and Charles 3rd. Upon post-tournament verification it showed that Mahir (who played in Group A today) was also entitled to the 3rd prize which he will receive later.

Group B August EOM Winners Charles (3rd), Savin (1st) and Connor (2nd) and Summer Winners Noah (1st), Savin (2nd) and Charles (3rd). Mahir, not on the photo, will also receive 3rd prize for his total Summer results.

Cross table Group B August 2016 EOM

Group A: Step 3, 4 and 5

Also in this group we played a Swiss over 5 rounds with Miguel Angel, the only 100 percent scoring player today (!), ending 1st, Seth 2nd (4 points) and Jasmine 3rd with 3 points. Mahir and Daniel Z also scored 3 points but on tie-break did miss out the 3rd prize medal. Over the whole summer Miguel Angel became Champion and Jasmine and Seth were 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Coach Alberto with Group A August and Summer Winners Miguel Angel (Champion), Jasmine (3rd August and 2nd Summer) and Seth (2nd August and 3rd Summer).

Cross table Group A August 2016 EOM

With a large group like this, and all students steadily progressing to higher levels we will in forthcoming EOMs consider creating a Top Group, which will consist of players in Step 5 and 6 and/or based on the Caissa internal rating.

Finally, apologies for the hectic moments in the lively and crowded setting when coach David suddenly had to leave for a check up. Glad that Alberto still managed the event professionally until the end with help from some chess parents. Thanks!

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