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September EOM in Discovery Bay Opens the Autumn Cycle

On 24 September around 15 students from outside Discovery Bay had registered to join in with the resident DB students to compete in the 1st edition of the Autumn cycle. They brought back home 6 medals whereas 8 were won by DB students. Glad to see that our students are trained in one single club method and there is virtually no advantage or disadvantage like in a home or away game. Well done!

Prize winners of EOM September 2016 with coach Alberto leading the event

From this cycle we will follow through with 5 groups, Group E being the most inexperienced starters. Unfortunately a few players from this group had to cancel late and we had only Rahul and Parth competing. Rahul (DB) ended 1st and Parth (DB) on 2nd place got his 1st chess medal. Keep it up boys!

In Group D it was serious business with all players having conceded points. Joshua (DB) and Gabriel (DB) got 1st and 3rd prize and Ilio (SW) who came in late got 2nd prize. Loren (DB), Vivaan (SW) and Chor Xi (DB) shared 4th place with 1.5 points! So close all ...

Group C was dominated by Michelle Sun (SW) and her brother William (SW) who collected 1st and 3rd prize while Suneh (DB), back from over a year break,was warmed up enough again to snatch 2nd prize from in between them. Noteworthy that Michelle Chan (SW) and Daniel DB) had 2 points, same as William, but missed out 3rd prize medal on tie-break. While Channing (SW) scored 1 point only, he got that against the strongest player and winner of this group and given Channing's young age he surely will not remain empty handed more too often.

In the strong Group B Alistair (SW) achieved rock star status with a 100 percent score. Nathan (DB) got 2nd prize and although Alexander (SW), Chor Wei (DB) and Aidan (SW) ended all on 2 points, Aidan won 3rd prize medal on tie-break. Noah (DB), who climbed up from lowest group to Group B in just one year, will be getting used soon to the strength of Group B players. Be warned all!

The rock star in Group A was Seth (DB) with 5 straight wins. Oliver (SW) got an impressive 2nd prize given his young age. Noah (DB) secured 3rd prize medal whereas youngest Savin (DB), with an equal score of 2 points, missed out that medal on tie-break. Amaey (SW) and Jennifer (DB) scored 1 point and in Group A that is nothing to be worried about. We keep on practicing!

Final Scores Cross Tables

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