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High Octane End-April Chess Weekend

FM Louis Marcos Medarde Santiago Wins Caissa Labour Day Open Rapid 2017

It was a weekend packed with chess...

On Friday April 28 the Caissa Friday Open Standard Chess started this weekend's chess frenzy firing up round 1. The most spectacular game was played between Benjamin Oh and Edward Hill-Wood who, after the smoke of sacrifices, multiple double attacks, wandering kings and deadly pins was cleared, had to decide on a draw by repetition of moves, both threatening mate in 1. Another noteworthy game was played between Ng Wai Ho and Miguel Angel Garceran Wang, won by Wai Ho, who coming from a Xiangqi background was able to grind a small advantage out of a rigid position. We will see more from him! All results are here.

Saturday 29 April we held the third and last leg of the Spring End of Month (EOM) in Discovery Bay. Twenty Caissa students were divided into 4 groups with the Groups A and B kept small to 4 players and longer time control to practice for next day’s HKCFL inter-school National Championship. The results were:

All results of April EOM

The overall Spring EOM winners including results of February, March and April were:

  • Group A:1. Michelle Sun, 2. Noah Michishita, 3. Alexander Vlasov

  • Group B: 1, Gabriel Chan, 2. Channing Li, 3. Mohan Li

  • Group C: 1. Tiia Agyeman, 2. Ilio Vlasov, 3. Margaux Peloux

  • Group D: 2. Parth Sane, 2. Kiran Fong, 3. Lucien Bret

The HKCFL inter-school (full results) took place on Sunday 30 May. With dozens of Caissa students spread out over as many schools we are glad to see many of our students won personal prizes or school prizes. Especial congrats to the prize winners in:


  • Our star students Melvin Cheung (1st Prize board 2) and Daniel Zheng (1st prize board 4) who with HKIS A became National Champions in the Secondary section.

  • Our star girl Jasmine Leung (2nd prize board 3) who ended 2nd place in Secondary with KGV.

  • Oliver Yau who with a 100% score won 1st prize board 1.

Melvin, we will miss you - good luck with your upcoming studies in UK

Upper Primary:

  • Thomas Yi (2nd prize board 4) who became National Champion with HKIS in Upper Primary.

  • Seth Peramunetilleke (3rd prize board 1), Meijing Garceran Wang (3rd prize board 2), Noah Chang and James Gui with the 2nd place for Discovery College, undefeated, in Upper Primary – and without any player born earlier than 2006!

  • Ngai Sun Kiu with 3rd place in Upper Primary with his CDNIS team.

  • Ahaan Sekhri 1st prize board 4.

Lower Primary:

  • Hong Kong’s most talented in Lower Primary, Mahir Uppal (3rd prize board 1), Savin Peramunetilleke (2nd prize board 2), Nathan Chang (1st prize board 1) and Noah Michishita (2nd prize board 4) for -again- claiming another National Champion title for Discovery College, winning all games.

  • Oliver King for 1st prize board 1, Gabriel Chan 2nd prize board 1 and Wu Zhe Hong 3rd prize board 4.

Despite the long weekend and many absentees the Caissa Labour Day Open Rapid on Monday 1 May attracted 20 players, among which the top rated players in Hong Kong and several of HK’s most talented youth, some freshly decorated with inter-school prizes of the day before.

Impression of the day

Over 9 rounds FM Louis Marcos Medarde claimed the title with 8 points, followed by Caissa coach David Rivas also with 8 points on tie-break 2nd place and Caissa coach Alberto with 7 points 3rd place.

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