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Summer EOM First Leg in May Many New Faces

The EOM, End of Month, is part of Caissa's training philosophy - during class students work on tactics, puzzles, strategic concepts as introduced by the Step Method and the coach ... but then, actual playing, under controlled "tournament circumstances", is at least as important to improve chess understanding and leveling-up towards preparedness for tournament play at other tournaments. That is what we do each end of the month for our students.

In May we had 4 groups of 6 players. Group A, the strongest group was close. Jennifer and Alexander both had 3.5 points. The first tie-break, personal encounter, was not decisive as they drew against each other. The second tie-break, most times black, was in the advantage of Jennifer who thus claimed 1st Prize. Michael and Adrian both ended with 2.5 points but the 3rd Prize on first tie-break, personal encounter, went to Michael.

In Group B, Vihaan and Channing both had 4 points but on first tie-break the 1st Prize went to Vihaan. Aaryav in his first appearance at our EOM got 3rd Prize with 3 points.

In Group C Gabriel was too strong for the rest and got 1st Prize with a hundred percent score. Marcus and Ethan followed 2nd and 3rd with 4 and 3 points respectively.

In Group D, Ian had a strong performance with 4.5 points getting 1st Prize. Adrian with 4 points got 2nd and Ayush, whose play is very promising, got 3rd prize.

Below all prize winners:

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