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Autumn EOM 2017 Final Results and Ranking

On Saturday 25 November we held the End of Month event for our students in our Discovery Bay Center. It was the last EOM of the Autumn cycle so this time both medals, for today's result, and trophies, for all EOM of 3 months combined results, were to be handed out.

In Group A today Michelle, Jennifer and Noah all had 2 points. Tie-break other than lottery was not possible which resulted in 1st place for Michelle and 2nd place for Noah. As there were only 4 players in this group of longer time control, there were only 2 medals and Jennifer just missed out by bad luck. Your play was excellent though, Jennifer!

In Group B, William and Channing both scored 3 points but William won on personal encounter tie-break. won 3rd prize with 2 points.

In Group C Kiran was untouchable with 4 straight wins. Good progress Kiran! Julien and Chor Xi both had 2 points and ended 2nd and 3rd respectively on personal encounter tie-break.

The Titans in Group D were Sacha and Aadyha, both with 3.5 points. As they drew against each other, the tie-break was a match between the players which was won by Sacha. Good progress Sacha, and Aadhya, well done too!

Cross table of all results of the three Autumn EOM events

Counting up all points of players who played at least 2 EOM events we come to the final Autum EOM Ranking:

  • Group A: Michelle (7.5), Noah (4.5), Kelson (3)

  • Group B: William (8), Channing (6), Gabriel (5). Ethan with 6 points too will receive a 2nd prize trophy soonest

  • Group C: Marcus (9), Tiia (7), Maxwell (5)

  • Group D: Parth (9), Julien (9), Sacha (7.5)

Well done all. See you back next year!

Prize Winners Groups A, B and D

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