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February 2018 EOM Groups A and C Top 3 Prize Winners End with Same Score!

On Sunday 25 February the second leg of the Winter 2018 EOM took place attended by over 30 of our students in our Sheung Wan Centre.

Whereas Kelson was unstoppable in the January event, this time he just remained 0.5 points behind the top 3 Joseph, Aden and Noah who all had scored 4 points.

From the group B players Milton was the strongest today with 4 points and in group C Khrish, Julien, Julian and Tiia all had 3 point! Adhya with 2.5 points was the strongest D group player.

In March we will hold the final leg of the Winter EOM and let's see how the current ranking after 2 EOM's will be affected.

Ranking after January and February EOM:

  • Group A: Kelson 8.5, Aidan, Gabriel 7, Channing 5.5, Joseph Yan, Aden, Wilbert, Noah, Ryan 4, Man Chiu 3.5, Ethan Pu, Nicholas 3

  • Group B: Milton 7, Marcus, Ethan Li, Alex Vlasov 5.5, Alicia 5, Maxwell 4, Samuel 3, Joseph Ko 2

  • Group C: Khrish, Julien, Alex Gong 5, Ilio, Rishi 4, Julian, Tiia 3, Joshua Lam, Joshua Yip 2, Parth, Ian 1.5

  • Group D: Nathan 4, Oisin, Adrien, Adhya 2.5, Sacha, Tia 2, Stelios 1.5, Liv, Ethan 1, Sally 0

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