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EOM May edition: anything can happen in this Spring edition

Yesterday we held the 2nd leg of the Spring EOM in Discovery Bay. Players were again playing in a single group but played for prizes in their category. All results are here.

In Group A, Gabriel managed to beat Boris in the last round - which resulted in the top 3 players all having 4 points! It was an important win though, as Gabriel got 1st prize on tie-break, followed by Boris and Milton.

In Group B Julian played at "a-level" and deservedly first 1st prize, followed by Julien and Maxwell with 3 and 2 points respectively.

In Group C both Joshua and Chor Xi ended with 3 points in the upper half of the competition. Well done! On tie break Joshua got 1st prize. Third prize went to Adhya.

In Group D, with players who most recently started, Stelios, Likhit and Akshath all ended with 2 points and on tie-break ended exactly in that order. Well done starters!

The upcoming EOM in 17 June will be crucial for determining who will be the overall Spring EOM winner. If you haven't done so yet: register quickly.

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