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October EOM in Discovery Bay: Michelle in the Lead Group A

The second leg of the EOM took place last Saturday in Discovery Bay with 26 of our students participating in the event.

The EOM formula enables our students to experience tournament play. As we know all of our students we can group students based on their strengths and let them play against one another, getting comfortable with clock, rules and the tension of both playing and possibly winning of monthly medals and quarterly trophies.

The results of the day are in below cross table. No player had 5 out of 5 which is a good thing. Everybody experienced resistance!

The prize medalist winners of the day were in Group A Krish, Michelle and Marcus Su. Group B Joseph, Rishi and Constantin. Group C: Adhya, Jonathan and Joey. Group D: Marcus Lun, Rishaan and Oisin.

With the final leg to be played November 25 in Sheung Wan the temporary standings of the Autumn Cycle (after 2 events) is as follows - anything can still happen:

  • Group A: Michelle 7.5, Marcus 7, Khrish 6.5, Boris 5, Julian, Alex, Tiia 3

  • Group B: Rishi 7, Joseph Ko 6.5, Constantin 5.5, Julien 5, Samuel 4, Chor Xi, Kiran 3, Benjamin 2.5, Joshua Lam, 2

  • Group C: Jonathan 7, Adhya, Stelios 4.5, Adrian, Joey 4, Aydan, Sacha 2, Owen 1.5

  • Group D: Marcus Lun 4.5, Macen, Isha 3.5, Rishaan, James 2.5, Zachary, Akshath, Seva, Oisin, Dillen 2, Winston, Lilien, Alesandros 1.5, Ethan 1, Cara 0

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