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April 2021 EOM: Breaking records!

Years ago our End of the Month Tournament was a small event for our students with some occasional external student. We have seen the event grow so much than we have separated the tournament in 2 shifts, balancing the level in each played game, and this month we reached a record of 48 students! Lot of regulars and lot of first-timers, lot of great games!

Full results of the day available in chess-results:


Group A: 4 players arrived tied to the last round and facing each other. The games Pak Yu-Kainos and Lachlan-Sichen would decide the winner, as all them were the only Group A players with 3 points in the first 4 rounds. Kainos Wong and Sichen Song won their games, and finish first and second due to tie-break. Lachlan Leung got the third place even after losing that decisive game.

Kainos, Lachlan, Sichen


Group B: Jasper Leung was the only player with 3.5 points, after beating the Group A siblings Tiia and Sacha in the last 2 rounds. Rosemarie Wang and Randy Wang repeated their second and third place from last month, both of them with 3 points.

Rosie, Jasper and Randy


Group C: Last month Sastha and Adhavan drew their games and won all their remaining games. This month, Adhavan beat Sastha, but having an early loss made a new tie on the top place unaviodable. Again Sastha got a better tie-break and won the event for second time in a row. Adhavan also repeated a second place and Ayden finished third, also with 4 points. Aldrik and Brandon with 3.5 each, completed the top-5 winners, just a few tie-break points ahead of Jonathan and Aadit.

Aldrik, Ayden, Sastha, Adhavan, Brandon


Group D: First time players Quinton and Caleb scored 4 points and let the previous winner and runner-up, Elise and Oscar, in 3rd and 4th place with 3 points. The last place in the top-5 Jervis, the better tie-break among the players with 2.5 points.

Elise, Oscar, Quinton, Caleb, Jervis

Our next EOM will be played on May 30th. See you there!


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