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Autumn 2021 EOM End of the Term Results

The last EOM of the Autumn 2021 cycle could finally be played on February 28th. To reduce the crowd and to be able to cater the increasing demand at the same time, since the last edition we have divided the tournament in 2 batches, with the younger players starting at 1.30 and the older players at 4pm in the same day. That meant double prize givings!

It was the last tournament of the term, so not only the prizes of the day were decided, but also the season winners, as the previous 2 events left everything undecided until this last event.

Full results of the day available in chess-results:


Group A: Lachlan was the winner just with one point tie-break advantage over Kainos. However Kainos had a great run in the first event and was the overall champion of the term. Bruce got the 3rd place both in today event and in the term.

Day winners: Bruce, Lachlan, Kainos Term winners: same in a different order!


Group B: Sunny and William, with 3.5 points, tied for the first place. Sean and Athan scored 3 points but the tie-break was in favour of Sean. Stephanie scored 2.5, but her great performance in the last 2 events gave her the season title, ahead of William and Adrien Wu

Best of the day: Sean, Sunny, William Best of the term: Adrien, Stephanie, William


Group C: Rosie was the clear winner of the day (1.5 points ahead of the rest) and the season. In the event, newcomer Jonathan, Adhavan, Brandon and Dylan followed her, as we increased up to 5 prizes. In the term standings, Dylan and Ethan completed the top 3.

Winners today: Jonathan, Dylan, Rosie, Brandon, Adhavan. Dylan and Rosie got term prizes (Ethan didn't play today)


Group D: 3 players who played their first EOM got the top 3 places today! Well done Lincoln, Arsh and Elise! Nathan and Jensen completed the top 5 of the day. The term podium was formed by Nathan, Jensen and Jonas. Well done!

Left: Lincoln, Elise, Arsh, Jensen and Nathan. Right: Nathan, Jensen, Jonas


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