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Caissa Defeats Red Knight Chess Club Bangkok in Online Team Battle

On 24 May, in between the last preliminary round of the online Caissa Arena Grand Prix and the knock-out finals with 16 finalists on 31 May, 18 Caissa players took on the challenge of a friendly team battle with Red Knight Chess Club Hong Kong.

All results and each individual game can be found here.

The format was 5m5s (start with 5 minutes and get 5 seconds increment with each move). Caissa players could not be paired against Caissa players and the same for Red Knight. All points counted so each team member's result was important. And with just a 5% draw percentage we see that for a friendly match the players were razor sharp.

The teams

We can see that the major difference was in the top 3 players, where Caissa was clearly stronger. Well done gents!

From player 4 on the teams were quite balanced and in some instances players didn't score as many points because they played longer, thus less games - but often of better quality.

All in all Caissa scored 143 points and Red Knight 122.

In preparation also for next week's Caissa AGP finals live commentary, coach Alberto provided live commentary on this event too on our twitch TV channel. Have a look.


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