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FM Daniel Lam Wins GP6 in a Tight Last Round Decide-All Event

The FIDE rated Blitz on July 31 attracted most players who already had scored several Grand Prix points. Remember, out of 10 the best 4 events count for the final GP score so, so all is still possible.

Eduard, the leader in the GP classification after 5 GP events, and Daniel both were the the only players with 4 straight wins. Inevitably they met in round 5, which resulted in a win for Daniel. Going into round 6 then, Jonathan, Jamison and Brandon had all crept closely to share with Eduard the 4-point followers group.

Round 6 turned out to become a great equalizing round, Jonathan winning against Daniel and Eduard beating Brandon left Daniel, Eduard and Jonathan all with 5 points, closely followed by Jamison who technically still had a chance to win the event.

If Jonathan would win in round 7, he would win the event, no matter what. But Brandon had other ideas about how their game would end and his win against Jonathan, the draw of Eduard against Jamison and the win of Daniel against Nicholas resulted in following top 6:

  • FM Daniel Lam: 6 points (10 GP points)

  • Eduard Garcia: 5.5 points (7 GP points)

  • Jonathan Ho: 5 points (5 GP points)

  • Jamison Kao: 5 points (2 GP points)

  • Brandon Chan 5 points (1 GP point)

  • Wo Chung Tsui 4.5 points (0 GP points)

Prize Winners (left to right): Brandon, Jonathan, Eduard, Daniel, Jamison and Wo Chung


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