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Hong Kong Juniors Chess Championship 2023 - Excellent Results Caissa Trained Youth

Due to Covid, the 2021 and 2022 Hong Kong National Youth Championships were played online. With restrictions finally lifted, we were back again behind the boards! The United Christian College was host to this important tournament, where would be decided who could call them best players/best girls for all of 2023. There were 6 categories (U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18) and Caissa students were competing in all of them.


In the youngest category, under 8 (born in or after 2015), Caissa student Lincoln Or had his eyes set on the title. On the first day he had to concede one draw, but with a clean sweep on the second day he left no doubt about who was the strongest. Other memorable notions for young Caissa Students who played their first championship: Marissa Pierce (best girl U8), Wong Yue Chun, Wong Yue Hei and Adrian Kong. All of them are born in 2016 and can play in U8 again next year!

Lincoln Or, U8 Champion


The U10 group was a battle between former CTP groupmates (Caissa Talent Program) Poon Pak Yu, Zachary Liu and Bruce Qin. However, this weekend, Poon Pak Yu was simply at another level. He managed to win all 7 of his games! Zachary finished second, while Bruce clinched bronze. Another success in this group was for Anaisha Hari, claiming the title for best girl U10.

U10 Winner Poon Pak Yu (left) before his game against Bruce Qin (left) who finished 3rd and Anaisha Hari, Best girl U10.


In U12 it was exciting until the final moment. Caissa student Julian Wang was facing tournament leader Robinson Li in the final round. A win would mean he’d overtake his opponent and claim gold. After an intense battle, both players ran low on time and they decided for a draw. This meant Robinson won the tournament and Julian claimed silver.

Julian Wang receiving the silver medal U12


Former Caissa student Jamison Kao seemed to be heading for the title with a perfect score after 5 rounds. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep his lead and Samuel Lam managed to tie him after 7 rounds. The tiebreaker favored Samuel, who was thus awarded the title.


The story of this group were the strong girls. Huang Yuen Tung managed to claim first place after edging out rating favorite Thanneermalai Kannappan on tie breaker. The bronze was for another girl, WCM Li Joy Jing.


A bit of Caissa success in the oldest group. Former CTP student Li Shing Hei, who is currently studying in Australia, decided that his summer break would be a good opportunity to play some chess in Hong Kong. It was a good decision, as he managed to grab the silver. The winner was, surprisingly, unrated player Yee Shing Lok.

Li Shing Hei, 2nd place U18


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