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Winter Term Ends with March EOM Prize Giving

Our End of Month (EOM) winter cycle last event on 24 March was also the last winter event we organized in 2024. As always, the EOM was played over 3 months, January, February and March and each time we have medals for the top players and at the end we have trophies for the players who managed to end high up based on adding up the two best performances out of three.

In Group D, the entry group, today's medal prize winners were Oliver, Aiden, Jayden (all 2 points) and Nicholas and Anton (1.5 points). Layton, Cameron (who only played 4 games on his first appearance) and Ian also had 1.5 points but didn't fall in the prizes by tie-break.

The Top 5 Group D players over 3 months who will be promoted to Group C are Oliver, Theodora, Isaac, Sebastian (all three not on the photo) and Aiden. Congrats all!

In the C Group Anson today ruled with 5 out of 5 - well done! - but was followed by 5 players who each scored 4 points (Ziwen, Jeffrey, Tejas, Lucas and Shayne). The 7 promoted players to group B, based on adding up the best of 2 event, are Anson, Ziwen, Kaito, Archie, Ernest, Jeffrey and Tejas - the last three and Ziwen all from our DB center. With Kaito from our Sheung Wan centre and Anson and Archie from our Shatin Junior School ECA, this is a nice mix

Group B Yue Hei, Bryan and Sam each score 4 points followed at 1 point distance by Andy, Lucas and Kyle. After 3 legs the 5 players promoted to Group A are the Winter Winners Yue Hei, Joshua, Bryan, Luke and Andy. Well done all!

In Group A, the highest group, Issac came out on top with 4.5 points, followed by Yue Chun and Clement, each with 4 points. The Top 3 players who promoted themselves out of the EOM were the same the players but Yue Chun with 9 points overall became the Champion. Well done also Clement and Issac! You are all ready for any tournament in your age categories!


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