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October EOM - Halloween, candies and solid chess performance of all Caissa students

On Sunday October 30, the 2nd EOM in the Autumn cycle took place among rats, skeletons, scary masks and the prerequisite sweat treats coming with Halloween. Click here for all photos on flickr.

Scary moments today, on and off the boards ...

At max capacity our students were divided in 5 groups, based on Step level and our Caissa Internal Rating in case the Step levels were the same.

In our top groups A and B we played a Round Robin among 4 players in each group with a time control of 25 minutes per person and mandatory notation. All be reminded that the EOM is an internal training tournament, it is part of our training curriculum and a necessity to improve - in other non-training tournaments!

By winning Group A again Miguel Angel remains Caissa's strongest player. His draw against Arjun was enough for Arjun to grab 2nd prize. Seth just missed out a prize this time and Jasmine, winner of the A group in the past, had an off day.

None of the Group B players remained without points. Samuel and Oliver both ended with 2 points but because of their personal encounter result Oliver took 1st and Samuel 2nd Prize. This is a strong group and Oliver as the youngest player here remains proving he is on a fast track towards next level up. Mei Jing missed out converting winning positions and Noah, by defeating Oliver, showed he is not out of place in this group at all.

Group A and B

In Group C, D and E we played 5 rounds of 15 minutes per person, notation optional.

In Group C Savin showed he is also a fast track student and as youngest player his impressive 4.5 score deservedly brought him 1st prize. Alistair and Amaey closely following, have matured in style and play in a very positive way. Noah is gradually getting used to play in the tougher group and Jenifer, who won the prize of Player of the Month, played some of the best games of the day but she needs to work on time management.

Group D was the largest group which was run by Swiss Pairing. The top players in this group were close but it was Alexander who in this relatively very strong Group D won 1st prize on tie break with Michelle C getting 2nd prize also with 4.5 points. Suneh, Michelle S and Vihaan all had 3 points but it was Suneh who won 3rd prize on tie-break, having played against the better scoring opponents. William, Ilio and Gabriel scored 2 points nicely. Michael and Akiva probably benefited most from the training character of the EOM as they have rarely played in a "tournament" setting and many things were distractingly new ... for now!

Group C, D and E in action

In Group E Ethan Pu scored 100 percent to get 1st prize, followed by Ethan Li and Tiia getting 2nd and 3rd prize medals. Charlotte, Margaux and Vivaan, as they progress through late Stepping Stones and early Step 1 are contenders in the pipeline definitely to be taken into account in future events ...

Below are all results:

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