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Ben Han Wins Caissa 10-Years Anniversary GP Event 1: Rapid

A sunny and hot Sunday played out in the background of the Caissa Discovery Bay Chess Centre. The Round Robin among 8 players was the first Grand Prix event to start collecting Grand Prix points. The pool of points in a Rapid event is 50 points.

Ben was the man in form and, allowing only one draw against Jamison, ended 1st place with 6.5 points. First place Rapid also earned him 16 GP points. Miguel had a rusty start losing the first 2 games, but these games showed actually already good and aggressive play and the rest of the games Miguel won all 5, ending on shared 2nd 3rd place with Gorkem. In their direct encounter Gorkem had won and 2nd prize thus went to Gorkem.

Gorkem, in the last several years, was a regular at our tournaments, and a regular prize winner too. His leaving Hong Kong made this his last event with us, we will miss him. All the best Gorkem!

The GP1 Round Robin in action and the 3 Prize Winners Ben (middle), Gorkem (right) and Miguel (left).

This leads us to the following ranking after 1 GP event:

The next events will be held 3 July.


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