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Caissa New Year Rapid 2022 - High Quality Games All Over The Boards

With only a handful unrated players out of 23 the event was a good place to gain (or lose) rating points and to have some high quality games played on several boards.

After round 3, only youth Jamison and highest rated player of the tournament, Tushar (rating 2029), had the full 3 points. Thus paired against each other in round 4 it was Tushar who continued his winning strike.

Impression of the event: only 2 players per table - but fireworks on many boards!

With most players having tournament experience the level of chess was entertaining, interesting check mate patterns in the middle of the board, multiple pawn promotions on both sides and most of the games extending into few minutes and seconds on the clock.

In the end, almost 7 hours after start, Tushar had remained untouchable. The second place went to Jamison loose with 5 points from third prize winner Adrian Lau, beating Alexander who also scored 4 points on tie-break.

Eric won Best U16 and Best U12 went to Pak Yu.

Eric, best U16 trophy winner, observing board 2

The prize winners that remained for the prize giving (left to right: Pak Yu, Jamison and Tushar:


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