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Eduard Garcia Wins Grand Prix 4 Rapid

On 10 July we played our 4th Grand Prix event, a FIDE rated open rapid (15m+3s), at our Sheung Wan centre, attracting 36 players, young and old, experienced and those gaining first-time experience. In a perfectly "compefriendly" environment, Chief Arbiter IA Alberto Muniz cruised the event from round to round into a successful ending.

Impression of GP4

After 4 rounds there was no one with a hundred percentage score anymore. After the scrimmage between 3.5 pointers Caissa coach Eduard, Ben, Alexander and Nicholas in round 5, Eduard's win against Alexander got him top spot with 4.5 points as Ben and Nicolas drew. But Brandon, Shun Him, Advay and Yiheng had crawled very close with 4 points going into round 6.

Eduard drew in round 6 against Yiheng but the damage for his ranking was limited as Brandon and Ben, placed number 2 and 3 then, drew against each other too. Advay's win in this round put him equal to Eduard with 5 points going into the last round.

The battle been the 5-pointers in round 7 resulted in a win of Eduard over Advay, but Advay managed to stay within the prize zone ending on 5th place. Brandon, Ben and Shun Him won their games and ended 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. Yiheng, who lost in the last round against Brandon still managed to get 6th place trophy.

Last round, Eduard vs Advay and Ben vs Alexander

Alexander, a long term Caissa friend, student, event player, will be relocating away from Hong Kong after the event. Hope to stay in touch, and you have a standing invitation to join our events if/when you come back. Good luck!

Prize Winners GP4

The GP points were distributed as follows:

  • Eduard: 16

  • Brandon: 11

  • Ben: 8

  • Shun Him: 5

  • Advay: 4

  • Yiheng: 3

  • Trevor: 2

  • Andrew: 1

The ranking going into GP 6, Basque chess, on 31 July is as follows:

Ranking after GP4

We also handed out the trophies of GP2 and GP3. Below Team Eduard - Eric holding their trophies.


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