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March 2021 EOM: New cycle, new and old faces

On March 21st we launched a new cycle or our End of the Month Tournaments (EOM). This month we played one week earlier than usual due to our OTB Rapid Tournament on Sunday 28th

In order to allow more players to participate, when keeping the maximum space and distance, we continue doing two separate tournaments, one for groups C/D players, and another one for groups A&B

It was a siblings day....

Full results of the day available in chess-results:


Group A: Long time Caissa student and EOM player Alexander Vlasov came back after a long term break and he was just too strong. He started warming up with a draw against Nathaniel Chiu, and then won all the 4 remaining games to win with 4.5 points and one full point ahead of the rest of the crowd. Precisely Nathaniel Chiu was second, with 3.5 points, and Marvin Zhang got the 3rd place with 3 points.

Nathaniel, Alexander and Marvin


Group B: In a multiple tie with 3 points, Athan Wong got the best tie-break so the first place, followed by Rosemarie Wang and Randy Wang

Randy, Athan and Rosie


Group C: After drawing their game, Sastha and Adhavan won all their remaining games, so it was a matter of tie-break to decide the winner of the event. Sastha was the lucky one this time. With 3.5 points Lincoln got the 3rd place.

Lincoln, Adhavan, Sastha, Joshua and Lolo


Group D: Elise was the winner of the day with 3.5 points, most of them scored against group C players. You will be there soon, Elise! Oscar, who played his first EOM got 3 good points, and Sasha scored 2.5 enough for the third place.

Oscar, Elise, Sasha


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