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May EOM 2021: Some 60 Players in Last Leg of Spring EOM Series

On May 30 there were 31 players in Groups C & D together. Today we were playing for medals for the best players of the day, and also for the trophies for those who were best in the last 3 months, the Spring Series.

Impression of all today's chess players in action in Groups C and D as well as the prize winners

The top 3 players of the Spring 2021 edition of Group D will be promoted to Group C and the top 3 players of Group C will next time play in Group B.

The combined turn-out of the advanced Groups A and B stood at 27 players. The top 3 Group A players in the May leg also ended as top 3 of the 3 months Spring series. They were clearly the strongest players and have "graduated" and are fully capable to play in any other tournaments. They will not reappear in the EOM, which is and has always been a training tournament for other tournaments.

The top 3 Group B players will promote to Group A next time. Congrats to all who have been promoted and let's see who will claim top spots coming season.

Impression of today's Group A and B


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