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  • 6 January: We won't have any group classes from January 25th to January 31st (both included). Wishing all our students, parents and friends a Happy Chinese New Year!

  • Ongoing: Caissa joins fight against Alzheimer's and will commit to donate end of season 2019-20 to CUHK, Therese Pei Fong Chow Research Centre for Prevention of Dementia

  • Ongoing: we are still hiring! Join us!

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  • 28 Jan: II Caissa Transfer Chess. Registrations can be in pairs or individuals. Register here 


Tournaments can be very different in terms of level, time control, ambiance... Check with our coach if you are not sure if a tournament is suitable for you(r child).

In Focus

3 Novemberr 2019

EOM Autumn 2019 Still Open in All 4 groups

On October 27th, Caissa organized the second End of the Month for the new season. Most of the players were regular participants, but we are always happy to see some new faces!


As usual, players are divided in groups according to previous results, current chess level they are doing, ... The groups matter only for prizes, but depending on the kids performance they can play with higher level players if they are doing well and with lower level players if not doing so well.


6 October 2019

EOM Autumn 2019 starts with surprises

On September 27th, Caissa organized the first End of the Month for the new season. Keeping the same spirit, we made a couple of changes this season:


- We allow the participation for external students. It's good to get used to playing against different people!

- We have a minimal registration fee, which will be donated to the Alzheimer research


4 September 2019

S.O.S. Rapid Matthew Unstoppable

In probably the most unique tournament played in Hong Kong since I can remember ... What? You ask why? Okay, let me digress a little and give you the main points:

  • It was run smoothly by the professional Caissa team headed by coach IA Alberto Muniz Pardino (nothing new, fine, we are spoiled here)

  • It was held in a family friendly cozy restaurant, sometimes playing through soft background music but at all times peacefully quiet enough for some great games

  • And those great games were played with an exceptionally strong playing field with 1 GM, 3 IMs, 1 FM, 1 CM and some of HK's untitled finest

  • .....


 19 August 2019

Caissa Opens Centre in Shatin

From September on you can visit our chess centre in Shatin. register or book a trial lesson or simply step by to have a look and talk with the coach.


Trial lesson here

 5 August 2019

First and Second Places in Shenzhen Cross-Strait 2019

In the first days of August 2019 our coach IM Marcos Llaneza accompanied Samuel Lam and Caissa kid Gabriel Chan who had just returned from a very successful trip in Taiwan to the yearly recurring Cross Strait Chess Festival organised by our sister chess club Huateng in Shenzhen.


25 July 2019

Caissa Players Shine in Taiwan CTCA 2019 - Days 6, 7 and 8

Round 5 started off very slowly. Marcus finished only after 2 hours of playing. After a good opening he managed to win a piece. In the endgame he tried to checkmate his opponent instead of just promoting his pawn. His opponent managed to take all his pawns while avoiding the checkmate and Marcus had to settle for a draw.


Spoiler alert ... Caissa players claim top positions in Taiwan Kaohsiung CTCA 2019: 

- James 1st U15
- Gerent 5th U15
- Boris 5th U11
- Gabriel 3rd U9
- Marcus 6th U9

22 July 2019

Caissa at Kaohsiung CTCA 2019 Open Day 3, 4 and 5

The third day was a rollercoaster. It was expected to be a very long day, with the morning round starting at 8:30am and the afternoon round possibly finishing after 7pm. We all got up early to have some breakfast together.


18 July 2019

Caissa Team in Kaohsiung Taiwan

On July 17th a group of Caissa students (Marcus Su, Gabriel Chan, Boris Chan, Gerent Lee and James Kwong) together with parents and myself arrived at The Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung for CTCA International Chess Open. After a warm welcome on the airport we were brought to the hotel.


23 June 2019

EOM Spring 2019 Results May and June

June 23 was the 3rd and final round of the Spring EOM 2019, held in our main center in Sheung Wan in the good hands of coach Alberto. With several of our students already gone on summer holiday we had a crowd of 20 students participating.!


22 June 2019

Malvern College Hong Kong End of Year Tournament

Malvern College Hong Kong should be one of the latest school established in Hong Kong. The first cohorts of students started only in August 2018. We at Caissa were honored that we were entrusted to provide chess as an extra-curricular activity. With strong support from the Malvern College Hong Kong leadership team this meant that from Monday to Friday we every day had a class full of students learning how to play or improve how to play chess.


16 June 2019

Ozbek Gorkem Conquers Caissa Open Spring 2019 Title in Last Round

From 28 April to 16 June the Sunday afternoons at Caissa were allocated to play one of our seasonal recurring Standard FIDE Rated Open events. 


9 May 2019

Caissa Domination in U9 at HKJRCC

On Sunday May 5th the HK Junior Rapid Chess Championships 2019 were being held at the beautiful HKIS Campus in Tai Tam. The tournament, with over 150 participants, kicked off at 9am. When the last battle had ended, it was time to check the results and hand out the prizes. It turned out that the youngest Caissa Students were the most successful!


14 April 2019

Malvern HK Term 2 Competitions

Even if this Term 2 we couldn't organize a full School Tournament as in Term 1 (watch out for June 22nd, official date for Malvern HK End of the Year Tournament), we still have ran an internal competition for each one of our 5 classes, with some trophies awarded in each group (top 3 players, best girl and most improved player)


7 April 2019

Transfer Chess Tournament in Hong Kong: Fun and Games!

Transfer chess (bug house) tournaments, at least not as recent as in the last 15 years, had not been held in Hong Kong. But we at Caissa broke the taboo that transfer chess should be avoided.

The winning teams were Team A+, M&Ms and Captain Underpants ...


24 March 2019

IM Matthew Tan - Hong Kong's Ultimate Blitzer!

After winning the 6th CNY Blitz on 3 February 2019 Matthew repeated this result on 24 March at the Caissa Spring Blitz Open.


Both events were based on preliminaries after which based on score the players were grouped in 4 final groups to play for prizes in these groups. The Group A winner would also win the title.


18 March 2019

IM Marcos Llaneza Wins 2019 Winter Sunday Open

It took 7 rounds spread out over 13 January until 18 March to complete the 5th Caissa Sunday Open, Winter 2019 edition.


12 March 2019

Caissa Students on top at ISF tournament!

Our Caissa coaches IM Matthew Tan and IM Marcos Llaneza were present to support our students at the 10th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open 2019 which  was a big success for our Caissa students. In three out of four groups a Caissa student was victorious. This was not all as both Michelle and Jennifer laid claim on a female prize as well!


In the Kindergarten group (Under 6), Bruce Qin made no doubt about who was the strongest there. 


8 January 2019

Internet Youth Match Naranco (Spain) vs Caissa HK 9.5 - 6.5

On 4 January eight Caissa students played against eight youth players of Naranco chess club, in Oviedo, Spain, coach Marcos' hometown club.


The games were played on the internet chess provider, over 2 rounds, each 25M+10S. The Caissa team tarted off with black in round 1 and played with white in round 2.



3 January 2019

Mr. Thierry Henkinet Donates over 60 Chess Books and Dozens of Magazines

We wish to thank Mr. Thierry Henkinet very much for donating his impressive chess library to Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club recently last December.


The high quality books will live on in Caissa's own library for all our students and visitors to use at our Sheung Wan centre.

On behalf of all Caissa trainers and students: thank you Mr. Henkinet!

oviedo caissa match live boards.jpg

2 January 2019

Internet Youth Match Naranco Chess Club (Oviedo, Spain) vs. Caissa

After pioneering in Hong Kong the concept of friendly internet matches with overseas youth in May 2015, between Caissa youth and youth from Pathena in the Netherlands, we are back on Friday 4 January at 5pm when eight Caissa youth stars will log in to to play a friendly match against Naranco Chess Club, former chess club of coach Marcos, in Oviedo, Spain. The match will be played over 2 rounds, a game with black and one with white.

Live streaming of all 8 boards will be done from...



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