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Friday Autumn Open Round 1

On 16 October we played round 1 of the Friday Autumn Open. After this competition over 7 weeks, 90 minutes per person per game of standard chess, we will find if Joseph can prolong his title ...

All games can be viewed and replayed here.

12 players played their game ... and Melvin and James trying out the same technique to increase blood to the brains ...

On board 1 Joseph found his brave sacrifice-assault run to a standstill against Alberto, who with over 2100 is the higest rated player in the tournament and favorite.

On board 2 Andrew M and Kenneth traded lots of pieces around move 16 and decided several moves later to a draw with each just a bishop and few pawns left.

On bard 3 youth player Daniel found himself after some inaccuracies too much material behind to hold off veteran Koji in the end game.

On board 4 David and Melvin kept their tradition in honor by finishing last, both with just seconds on the clock. The end game with bishops of opposite colors was a dead draw but Melvin might have missed a better continuation some moves earlier due to time pressure.

On board 5 James' 1. b3 did not scare Tushar away from a massive attack on the king side. Although James white pieces held long under pressure, Tushar's pieces were just too much better positioned and a crack in James' defense was inevitable.

On board 6 youngster Ian created some weaknesses that were well exploited by Andrew L, leading to material gain and finally the win.

Miguel Angel had a win by BYE due to odd number of players.

An exciting 1st round!

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